The SideKicker

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The SideKicker is the world's ONLY INSTANTLY adjustable kick stand available. No more risking tipping on sloping surfaces or sinking into soft ground or asphalt.

The SideKicker for the GS, Low & Adventure has 5 locking positions: Standard OE, +1.0", +1.7", +2.3" and +3.0".

Available for:

BMW R1200GS & F800GS

Please verify your BMW P/N before ordering

Model Year Replaces BMW Part Number
R1200 GS 2006-2013* 46527684073
R1200 GS Adventure 2006-2013 46537683977
R1200 GS Liquid Cooled 2013+ 46537712775
F800 GS 2006-2012 46537701217
*Will fit 2013 R1200 GS Non-liquid Cooled



Includes 2-year Functional & Defect Warranty

BMW Model/Part Number
Model Year of Bike